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265 White Prescription Pharmaceutical Drugs Have Been Introduced To Colored Prescription System

The Ministry of Health launched a new anti-addiction initiative on April 1. Accordingly, registration of 265 pharmaceutical drugs that should be prescribed and followed-up with regular prescriptions has become mandatory in the colored prescription system where green prescriptions (used in psychological diseases) and red prescriptions (drug qualified) are recorded. Nurten Saydan, General Manager of the Pharmacist Employers’ Association, warned the public by saying, “It is our primary duty as both pharmacists and physicians to help control addictive and habit-forming pharmaceutical drugs.

However, the obligation to register the same prescription separately for the two systems renders our pharmacies incapable of providing services during normal business hours. The registration of controlled medication prescriptions in the Medulla system is now mandatory under the colored prescription system of the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TITCK) of the Ministry of Health. THERE MUST BE ONE SYSTEM.

The Medulla Provision System is a system used by the SSI, and as the pharmacists, we use the system Medulla and give the pharmaceutical drugs according to this sytem. The colored prescription system has been established by the TITCK to monitor prescriptions. The two largest institutions of this country (SSI and TITCK) need to come to an agreement among themselves and make the system one and free the pharmacists from the bureaucratic swirl in pharmaceutical services.”